ColdMist Dust Suppression Systems

Industry Applications for Dust Suppression :

  • Protect workers from asbestos dust during excavations / renovation work
  • Control dust generated at material conveyor belts and grain transfer points
  • Suppress dust generated during grinding, dumping and blasting at earthworks sites
  • Compost dust suppression
  • Dust control at landfill sites and recycling facilities
  • Control airborne dust at quarries and dust arising from mining activities

ColdMist L3 Dust Control system with 360° oscillation and complete remote control function

L3  DustKiller™ Dust Control unit - 21Lt /min waterflow

Main features:

  •  For use within close range at Demolition sites, Recycling Areas, Crushers, Quarries and in Tunnels
  •  Extremely compact, easy to handle, easy to operate
  •  2 different spray patterns:

- 'Lance': throwing range about 18m - 'Curtain' coverage: about 90° opening angle - throwing range about 6m

  •  Low water and energy consumption
  •  Extremely agile nozzle head with 2 x REMOTE CONTROLLED electric motors and 360° oscillation