PRO-Series Electric Water Atomisers - produce a high volume, ultra-fine mist

PRO-Series Electric Water Atomisers - produce a high volume, ultra-fine mist

The ColdMist PRO-Series Water Atomizers produce a high-volume, ultrafine mist and being nozzle-free will not clog. Spray droplets of varying micron sizes – from 20 µ to 150 µ – can be achieved. These systems are extremely easy to install and operate and provide evaporative solutions  for a diverse range of industrial applications.

Benefits include :

  • Designed for incredible ease of installation and simple to operate, these water atomizers are available with 240V OR  415V motors
  • No complicated controls or electronics - simply wire in the atomizer, plumb a water line, and commence operation.  
  • Choice of wash-down or stainless steel motors.
  • Spray atomizer is virtually clog-proof
  • Water droplets of varying micron sizes – from 20 micron to 150 micron – can be achieved by selecting any of the following features :
    • Atomizer Motor speed  -  choice  of  fixed speed OR Variable Frequency Drive allows for infinite control of motor speed and water droplet size.
    • Selection  of dual-stage basket size (choice of 6” basket OR 12” basket diameter)
    • Choice of dual-stage basket mesh – fine mesh  OR coarse mesh available.  
    • These water atomizers produce a high volume, ultra-fine mist that disperses quickly

Pro-Series Water Atomizers – Industry Applications:

  • Agricultural and crop sprayers
  • Medium to fine atomization of viscous fluids and glues
  • Delivery systems for application of dyes and industrial coatings
  • Pesticide and chemical fogging systems
  • Industrial humidification
  • Outdoor evaporative cooling
  • Waste water evaporation
  • Odour control -  chemical distribution
  • Dust control
  • Suitable for application of abrasive liquids
  • High volume misting
  • Greenhouse misting and cooling
  • Large scale fumigation and sanitization applications

Benefits of using the PRO-Series atomizers for Assisted evaporation of waste water - 

*  this water atomizing unit is designed to provide a cost effective solution to reduce excess water in smaller holding ponds.

* the robust , nozzle-free system requires little maintenance and won't clog in water containing a high level of minerals and solid particulates.

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Agricultural Spraying and Chemical Application:

Fluid atomization with controlled droplet size, precisely metered chemical flow, and a fan-driven delivery system - are all critical elements for today's chemical application equipment.  Whether it is an outdoor mobile application or a fixed location process, the PRO-Series water atomisers deliver chemicals with effective coverage and minimum wastage.

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Low Volume Spraying of challenging fluids

The PRO-Series atomiser design allows this system to handle many corrosive, caustic, viscous, abrasive and particle-laden fluids that other equipment cannot.

This water atomizer system is designed to "spray anything that flows"  - a good example is drill mud , 13% and 7% Bentonite in water, typical of the sludge left at the bottom of a drill pond. Being able to atomise this water is an important part of wastewater evaporation.

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Dust Control:

PRO-Series water atomizers operate with any type of water - without clogging - effectively controlling all types of dust including hazardous and explosive dust.

Odour Control:

Many industrial processes create unpleasant odours. The PRO-Series rotary atomizers -  used together with Airopure™ odour control chemical - can produce large volumes of fine mist to neutralise these odours at the source.

Humidification and Cooling :

Reliable, efficient, high volume water evaporation equipment is crucial to humidification and evaporative cooling. PRO-Series rotary atomisers are the most efficient way of producing consistently high volumes of fine mist.

Used in many applications where humidity control is vital, these systems maintain the required relative humidity (RH) levels, will control static electricity and provide environments with high moisture content -  ideal for large-scale greenhouse misting, orchid growing and plant propagation.

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