Specialist Services

High Performance Wastewater Evaporators - Evaporator System  Design, Engineering & Planning - SMART H20™ computerised remote-control water evaporator automation packages to control spray drift/overspray

Coldmist wastewater reduction technologies incorporate water evaporator system design, engineering, and complete evaporator software automation packages. Our scope of works includes:

  • Using climate data to estimate evaporation rates and spray drift distances 
  • Recommending evaporation pond and containment area based on local climate conditions
  • Designing containment area and evaporation system to maximize excess water evaporation rate but minimize spray drift/overspray onto sensitive surrounding vegetation
  • Customized wastewater evaporator and dewatering solutions to handle site specific conditions , eg: low pH (<4) water, high solids content (over 100,000 TDS), high particle size (supplying evaporator systems that do not clog or special filter systems), different mounting systems (floating/pond-based water evaporators, mobile water evaporators with adjustable spray height and throw) permitting relocation of the water treatment system on site 

SERVICES include

  • Complete wastewater treatment solutions - from initial site analysis - to remote centralized computer control systems that will monitor water droplet size and climate control data, then modulate flow at each individual evaporator to maximize evaporation efficiency and contain spray drift within the operational area
  • Coldmist's professional team will work with you to analyse site layout and conditions and then recommend a system solution tailored to optimize site evaporation rate and deliver the best possible result.
  • Turnkey Operations - including evaporator system design, customized SMART H2O™ evaporator software automation packages, installation of evaporator equipment and overall project supervision
  • Testing and commissioning of all evaporator equipment on site


Our company operates at the highest possible standard and is committed to sustain a best practice, green approach in accordance with ISO14001.



NEW Dust Control Technology - uses SALT water to suppress dust - High Performance system solutions for the control of harmful emissions  

From the first consultation onwards, the needs of our customers become central to the planning process so as to be able to guarantee the best possible results. The dust control experts from Coldmist EmiControls then use their findings to draw up a solution.

  • Highly efficient systems are built on decades of experience in nozzle design, mechanical engineering, plant engineering and turbine construction. Through the consistent push for optimization they are perfected, resulting in the most sophisticated technology.
  • Each dust problem is different, therefore there is no one-size-fits-all solution, and an individual approach is always needed in the construction of a system.
  • The Coldmist after-sales service team is available to answer any questions about the system and is also on hand for servicing of the dust control systems

Mission Statement

With links through to the most innovative technology currently available worldwide, our engineering and design experience ensures you benefit from project solutions that comply with the highest EPA standards and provide maximum levels of reliability , efficiency and - minimal energy consumption.