AIROPURE™ Industrial Odour Control Chemical

AIROPURE™ Industrial Odour Control Chemical

Airopure™ Odour Neutralising Chemical – destroys odours rather than masking them

  • A major breakthrough in keeping industrial odour under control is by “capturing” mal-odourous molecules and destroying them rather than simply masking them.
  • Designed to be heavily diluted in water and sprayed onto odour producing molecules in the air, Airopure™ odour neutralising chemical works by using special surfactant reagents which enable the atomised water droplets to take up the organic substances producing the odour - at the source.
  • Using atomised water micro droplets as the carrier of the chemical, the odour causing molecules are 'trapped' and fall to the ground with the droplet - rather than returning to the air as a gas. 
  • Atomised water droplets are miniscule and lightweight - thus enabling them to remain airborne for extended periods thereby giving thm a dramatically increased dispersion range compared to other chemical delivery systems.
  • Atomising the water is effected via Rotary Atomiser centrifugal water fracturing systems 


  • Industrial odours are a major environmental problem. They can create an unpleasant working environment, which is obviously of concern to people who are required to work there.
  • Of great concern also is the effect such odours may have on residents who live near industrial premises.
  • More importantly, long-term exposure to industrial odours is a passive form of pollution with the prospect of long-term damage to health and the environmental and legal issues that would arise.


  • Spraying a continuous aerosol of this chemical is an effective and low-cost method of odour control, even in difficult situations such as industrial premises and sewerage works. In order to work effectively, the chemical must be applied using an accurate and precise spraying system which produces microscopic droplets of a consistent size. Ultrasonic, air assisted misting nozzles can  be used, but the preferred method is to use a Rotary Atomiser system.
  • Tested by NHS scientists and independent specialist laboratories, AIROPURE™ odour control chemical is proven to kill bacteria and inhibit the growth of water borne pathogens such as -  Legionella, E Coli, MRSA, CDIFF, Listeria - at a concentration as low as 150:1 with water.

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