PROBE Water Atomisers - Dust and/or Odour Control

PROBE Water Atomisers - Dust and/or Odour Control

This versatile , extreme-duty atomizer is designed for both Dust and Odour Control applications. Available as mobile or wall-mounted units , these nozzle-free water Atomizers never block and use less water than nozzle-based delivery systems.

Water Atomizer - Description :

• This device uses a rotating metal gauze cylinder to create droplets of  uniform size.

•The Rotary Water Atomizer works by injecting water into the cylinder head spinning at 12,000 rpm, fracturing the liquid into an incredible 238 billion droplets per/Lt.

• Independent research on the Probe Rotary Atomizer by Northumbria University UK, has shown that the droplets created by this system combine extremely effectively with both odour molecules and airborne dust particles.

Rotary Water Atomizer – the Benefits

  • this system has a ‘throw’ of  between 20m - 30m
  • Can be fitted with oscillation (optional), which  increases  spray coverage by 120°.
  • Adaptable for both dust control and odour neutralisation applications
  • Can be utilized indoors or outdoors
  • Nozzle-free rotary atomizer function means little or no maintenance
  • Never blocks – no need for any water filters
  • Quickly installed using  rawl bolts or clamps  
  • A rotary atomizer USES LESS WATER than nozzle-based systems
  • Comes complete with Flow meter

Advantages of a Rotary Water Atomizer for Dust / Odour Control

  • the system produces a consistent spray pattern, with uniformed droplet size -  thereby reducing wasted liquid as is produced by conventional nozzle-based spray systems
  • Includes flow meter as standard  -  which allows a variable flow rate of liquid into the cylinder head.
  • Flow rates can be regulated from 1 Lt / hour up to 180 Lt/ hour - quickly & easily

Industry Applications 

  • Dust/Odour generated at transfer stations
  • Dust/Odour produced at material recycling plants
  • Dust/Odour from composting works
  • Dust/Odour generated at foundries and quarries
  • Dust/Odour control at sewage treatment plants