Evaporation of Waste Water and Leachate

Coldmist Australia specializes in waste water evaporators that are designed to process and reduce all types of water.  

Our evaporator systems are frequently deployed  to expand the capacity – and extend the life – of existing tailing dams and water treatment plants. Evaporation projects will benefit directly from the latest technology in evaporator system design and complete evaporator automation intended to maximize evaporation rates.

Water Evaporation rates depend on many factors – including :

  • Ambient temperature
  • Relative humidity (RH)
  • Chemical composition of water (including total dissolved solids (TDS) and pond water Ph and salinity.
  • Wind conditions – spray drift may be an EPA issue on site
ColdMIST Water Evaporation Equipment


Coldmist offers a variety of electrical supply solutions for our dewatering systems - including:

  • All electrical safety equipment (breakers, etc.)
  • All motor controls (soft starters, etc.)
  • Proper control cabinets to meet NEMA or IP requirements for your site, as well as special conditions (such as explosion proof, etc.)
  • Control station shelters to protect the electric motor controls from the weather or exposure to waste water

ColdMist can help you by designing and customizing evaporator equipment and systems to meet project specific requirements.  Our design and engineering expertise in wastewater treatment technology includes working with all types of excess water :


The ColdMist PRO-Series Water Atomizers produce a high-volume, ultrafine mist and being nozzle-free will not clog. Spray droplets of varying micron sizes – from 20 µ to 150 µ – can be achieved. These systems are extremely easy to install and operate and provide evaporative solutions  for a diverse range of industrial applications.

Water Evaporation Projects