MEGA Polecat Water Evaporator

MEGA Polecat Water Evaporator

The MEGA POLECAT Evaporator has an incredible throw of 105m and will evaporate waste water over large areas and in big volumes. ColdMist can customize the MEGA Polecat nozzle sizes, flow rates and particle sizes to suit site water quality and increase evaporation rate.

COLDmist MEGA Polecat – The Benefits

  • With a throw of 105 meters, this MEGA evaporator will cover an incredible 31,000 square meters of area
  • Optional menu-driven 359 degree oscillation
  • MEGA Polecat can also be customized to site specific conditions - including weather conditions - to ensure 100% evaporation of throughput water
  • Customized Teflon spiral nozzles reduce the risk of clogging and allow for easy cleaning

Download Brochure :

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