ColdMist Water Atomiser - Mobile, Extreme Duty Odour and Dust Control System - 240v

For use where temporary industrial odour control and/or dust suppression is required. This unit is supplied on a portable skid and is powered by an onboard diesel generator. Fitted with an oscillating head and utilising the latest in Water Atomiser technology, food grade, fully bio-degradable chemicals are used in conjunction with water - which when distributed by the 20 micron droplet water particles produced by this Water Atomiser , arrest and destroy odiferous molecules. For dust abatement , appropriate chemical additives ensure that the dispersed water droplet is 4 times more effective than plain water - thereby capturing maximum dust particles before bringing them to ground.

An onboard Dosatron unit permits variable and accurate dosing of chemical into the water. This system needs to be connected to a water supply— will suck water from tank or bowser (not supplied). Water consumption is adjustable between 10 and 180 Lph. Due to its nozzle-free design there is no clogging of nozzles and the use of alternate water sources such as rain tank water, creek water or borewater is possible.

Portable odour control unit on skid —Diesel Generator Powered controls Landfill odours