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How Water Atomisers Work

The Rotary Water Atomiser utilises a totally different technique from mainstream  systems, which typically rely on spraying water through a series of nozzles. Instead, the water atomizer produces a spray which covers up to a remarkable 30 linear metres - using a spinning head to produce millions of microscopic droplets of water that create a superfine mist which disperses evenly and uses only a tiny fraction of the water and electricity consumed by nozzle-based systems.

The Rotary Water Atomizer is an extreme duty system that can be deployed in any location, indoors or outdoors, and requires minimal maintenance and cleaning compared to nozzle-based misting systems. These Industrial Atomisers are already being used by most UK water companies, major waste companies and food processing facilites.



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  • Will the misting system cause wetting? +

    The simple answer is NO. Correctly installed and operated a mist cooling system will not cause wetting. Read More
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