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AQUAFOG TURBO XE fine mist fogging system

AQUAFOG TURBO XE  fine mist fogging  system

The Aquafog Turbo XE is a high-speed centrifugal atomizer producing a very fine, mist-like fog suppresses dust without excessive wetting and has the added benefit of reducing ambient temperatures by 10 - 12° 


  • The Aquafog Turbo XE will propel a misty fog stream up to 10m in distance.
  • No clogging of nozzles : this system utilizes centrifugal force to atomize water droplets and does NOT require high pressure pumps, air supplies or expensive filtration

OPTIONAL extras include:

360 degree sweeping oscillation


  • 100% stainless steel hardware
  • UV stabilized impact resistant housing
  • Visual flowmeter control panel
  • Continuous duty cycle 

Download Brochure : pdfAquafogTURBO-XE-Brochure


Mist Cooling Applications

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